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The document describes steps to integrate StreetHawk SDK's Xamarin components inside an application created using Xamarin Forms. StreetHawk components are added to native projects of Xamarin Forms solution and accessed from the common code using Dependency services. The boiler-plate code for interacting with Xamarin forms using these dependency services can be found here.

Simply add the respective downloaded folder in your project as described below

Folder Project
IStreetHawk Xamarin forms project (Common code)
StreetHawkDroid .Droid project (Android)
StreetHawkIOS .ios Project (iOS)

You will have to remove files associated with all those components which you don't intend to include in your application. For example, if you don't wish to include Locations component, then you will have to remove IStreetHawkLocation.cs from IStreetHawk and StreetHawkLocations.cs from StreetHawkDroid and StreetHawkIOS folders.

The document here describes steps for Xamarin forms only. If your application is developed in Native Xamarin, then here are steps to integrate StreetHawk components inside your iOS and Android application projects.

For your reference, here is a link to source code of Sample application created using Xamarin Forms and integrated with StreetHawk components.