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Upgrade iOS SDK from old version to 1.7.0

iOS SDK 1.7.0 made great change to open source. Some tips can help you to move smoothly for this change.

  • Run "pod update" and meet error. Cocoapods has bug when old file removed. It may report error saying "... file does not exist." The solution is to delete pod folder and Podlock file, run "pod install" again. It will re-generate pod project and everything goes correct.

  • Header file not found
    Normally you won't meet this error if you only uses the documented APIs. However some advanced customer wants to use internal APIs. When making open source, some APIs are re-structure to hide, thus a few of advanced customer may meet this build error. In case you have reason and still want to have the API public, please contact us.

  • Pod sub-module and lose API
    1.7.0 has sub-modules, which is documented here. If you pod a sub-module, it won't include unnecessary APIs of other sub-module. For example, if you only "pod streethawk/Growth", you won't have APIs for "streethawk/Push". In case you meet build error, please add necessary sub-modules or remove the App code.

  • Support system change to iOS 7 and above
    The supporting system is upgraded to iOS 7 and above. iOS 6 code is not tested any more, and will be cleaned gradually.