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Crash Reporting


Crash module of StreetHawk SDK collects crash reports and report the same to StreetHawk server.

Integration Steps

  • Add pod to Application's Podfile

In pod file of your Application, add one line:

pod "streethawk/Crash"
  • Install Pod

In the OS X command line terminal, enter the following command (making sure that you’re in the directory containing your project and Podfile).

First time to install StreetHawk framework:

pod install

Next to check and upgrade to latest StreetHawk framework:

pod update

You should see output similar to the following.

Analysing dependencies
Downloading dependencies
Installing streethawk/Core (1.7.0)
Installing streethawk/Crash (1.7.0)
Generating Pods project
Integrating client project

This will automatically add StreetHawk/Core and StreetHawk/Crash open source code into your pod project, and configure everything ready for use.

Note: there is a bug in Cocoapods, which may cause error "No such file or directory". Solution: delete Pods folder and Podfile.lock file, run "pod install" again.

Crash report depends on PLCrashReport to generate Apple standard crash report. It does not support Bitcode so far. Disable App project's bitcode to make compile pass.

Crash report is enabled and works automatically when registerInstallForApp. If you would like to disable crash report function and not load PLCrashReport immediately in registerInstallForApp, set property:

StreetHawk.isEnableCrashReport = NO;
[StreetHawk registerInstallForApp:<app_key> withDebugMode:YES/NO];

//later when ready to enable crash report
StreetHawk.isEnableCrashReport = YES;

Swift code:

SHApp.sharedInstance().isEnableCrashReport = false
SHApp.sharedInstance().registerInstall(forApp: <app_key>, withDebugMode: true)

//later when ready to enable crash report
SHApp.sharedInstance().isEnableCrashReport = true

API document

Check here for API document.