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SDK Integration Checklist


This document enlist StreetHawk APIs which should be called from your application so as to completely utilise StreetHawk features.

1. Tagging

It is recommended to tag the install with following pre-defined StreetHawk Tags.

SrNo StreetHawk Tag Description
1 sh_cuid Use sh_cuid to tag an install with a unique identifier for the install. sh_cuid is needed to link the identity of App Users to Users in your - and the StreetHawk backend. Allows tagging via api call. Used to identify the same User across multiple installs.
2 sh_email For tagging user's email address. sh_email tag is mandatory to run Email campaigns
3 sh_first_name For tagging user's first name so as to send personalised messages with user's first name
4 sh_phone For tagging user's phone number. Do remember to include country code as part of the phone number. sh_phone is mandatory to run SMS campaigns.
5 sh_gender For tagging user's gender. sh_gender is mandatory to run Gender campaigns.
6 sh_date_of_birth For tagging user's birth date. sh_date_of_birth is mandatory to Birthday and Age campaigns. example 2015-06-23 (YYYY-MM-DD). Note that dates set before 1900-01-01 will not be tagged in server

For code snippets and other tagging examples please refer to the respective link of your application's development platform.

2. Handle Raw JSON It is recommended to add Raw JSON feature to your application. The Raw JSON feature enables you to send customised JSON and handle the same in your application. For code snippets and examples please refer to the respective link of your application's development platform.

3. Activity lifecycle support (Android Only) Android's activity lifecycle manager which reports when your application user enters or exists a particular activity is supported from Android ICS (API 14) and above. Hence additional StreetHawk APIs should be called for this feature to work on devices running Android version lower than ICS (ie Gingerbread). Implementation details can be found here.