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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is the difference between install id and sh_cuid ?


  • Install ID: Generated by our server to identify your app install. This is a unique id for our server to identify your app.

Example: 93adb6f3-4b50-496d-970f-a838e765e8e9

  • sh_cuid : A tag to name your install id, thus making your install id more human friendly. Try give it a name called Bob Install ID StreetHawk.INSTANCE.tagString("sh_cuid", "Bob Install ID");

Then on the Dashboard you will see: Bob Install ID = 93adb6f3-4b50-496d-970f-a838e765e8e9

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Q. How do I know if my install has being successful ?


  • If you're using StreetHawk Core 1.9 +, implement the ISHEventObserver.


public class MyActivity implement ISHEventObserver {

If successful, the override onInstallRegistered will be called, else onInstallRegisterError.