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How StreetHawk Growth works


StreetHawk Growth (check how to use it here) is a solution which:

  • Lets you track viral user acquisition as a result of referral activity by your existing App users or from short links you create in the StreetHawk Dashboard.
  • Lets you measure and analyse your App Virality which can be viewed in StreetHawk's dashboard.
  • Lets your potential App user(link receiver) to see the deep linked page configured by the link sender.
  • Lets you obtain realtime clicks/installs count so that you could complete your reward systems.

Viral user acquisition

From your existing App users

To describe a very simple use case, lets assume a recipe app and the user would like to share an amazing recipe for chocolate chip cookie with her friends:

  1. She presses 'Share recipe' button, (this action silently) obtains a short link and posts the same on her Facebook wall.
  2. Now for all her friends who have the application installed on their devices, will be automatically be directed to amazing chocolate chip cookie recipe's page inside the app.
  3. On the other hand, for all her friends who don't have the recipe app installed on their devices:
    3.1. the Share URL will divert them to Apple Store or Google Play (automatically by examining the user's device) and ask for the application to download.
    3.2. Once downloaded and opened, the user will be directed to the page for amazing chocolate chip cookie recipe.

Here is a user view of the process:

Here is the logical flow diagram demonstrating these steps:

From App marketers/owners/developers

Of course a share link doesn't have to be generated by App users, App marketers/owners/developers can always login to StreetHawk dashboard and create short links and post them to the place they want. They just need to use Organic Growth > URL builder to create one.

Here's the logical diagram representing the workflow in detail:

Analysis and Measurement

Continuing with above use case, StreetHawk Growth allows the application owner, marketer or developer of the recipe app to analyse and measure the shares in the StreetHawk Dashboard. So the developer can easily measure his biggest referrers, their source and method of sharing (ie, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Weibo, WeChat, etc.) and plan his strategy based on the available data.

If you login StreetHawk Dashboard, and navigates to Analytics > Organic Growth, you can check the performance of:

how well App users perform in terms of achieving more installs(users)

In this diagram, each node represents an installer. The bigger the node, the more new users the node achieves

how well different channels perform in terms of achieving more installs(users)

how well short links generated by App marketers/owners/developers perform in terms of achieving more installs(users)

It shows how many clicks happen on a share link and how many installs achieved in total

API Docs

Please see here for API Docs