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Registration & Login

To access the StreetHawk, users must register and create an account. Users can then either join other Apps or create a new App.

Security Roles

When a user creates an App, they automatically become the "Owner" of that App. StreetHawk offers 3 types of Roles.

Within any One App

Add/Remove Users
App Configuration
Configuration of App, Push Certificates
Marketing Activities
Segments, Campaigns, Geofences, Userlists
Owner Yes Yes Yes
Developer Yes Yes
Marketer Yes

Access to Multiple Apps

Every unique user has access to 1 or more Apps. The user could have different roles in each App. A typical use-case is:

  • a developer may have multiple customers (as an Owner)
  • they invite their customers to have a Marketer Role
  • The developer can switch between all their customer Apps
  • Each customer only has access to their own App.

Inviting Users to your App

The owner can invite other users to the App to have Developer or Marketer access. This can be found under the App Details section, you must have the recipients email address and they will be sent an email with a link to access.